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Helping The Homeless

The Olive Branch Drop In Centre

The 'OLIVE BRANCH' drop in centre now has a new venue in Hounslow High Street. A more suitable venue has been found in Hounslow High Street and the project re-commenced on the 27 October 2012 at Holy Trinity Church. The Mission in Hounslow Trust has joined forces alongside three local churches with a new 'management committee', therefore giving the project a broader base, created more volunteers and given it continued sustainability for the future.

Mission in Hounslow Trust was set up in 1994 for the relief of sickness, poverty and to share the Christian

Thousand, of homeless people and those in need have been assisted through these years as to drop in
centres and providing 54 bed short term accommodation through the Local Authorities homeless unit. Mission in
Hounslow Trust was named the charity of the year in 2000-2001 by the mayor of Hounslow.

Mission in Hounslow Trust has also assisted the elderly within sheltered accommodations and has provided
day trips and short holidays for those in need in addition to Christmas parties.

Mission in Hounslow Trust has worked closely with local churches and served on a committee with Michael
Colclough, bishop of Kensington and other denominational Christian leaders for ten years, acting as
secretary & administrator.

Mission in Hounslow Trust has served on committee’s for local Christian evangelistic outreach campaigns,
assisting with administration and leadership.

The Trust has built up good relationships with non Christian organisations, recognising the importance of
drawing upon their expertise.